Our Charity Heart In Hard 

As mentioned before, Pauline had to fight for years to become a mother. These were years full of miscarriages, 11 failed IVF attempts and even a lengthy hospitalization with rehabilitation after an arterial bleed in her uterus. Fortunately, Paula understood Pauline's situation and was therefore also her support during this period. Paula also struggled with miscarriages and months of hospitalization during Pauline's pregnancy, as she also nearly lost that pregnancy at 27 weeks.

After Pauline finally became a mother with the great help of people around her, she wanted to give something back to society. She wanted to mean something to the many couples still battling infertility. Fertility treatments are pricey and therefore not within reach for everyone. Atelier Heart in Hard would like to help these couples with a donation of E750,- which will be awarded every 6 months to a couple or bachelor who applies to us. On Christmas Eve and on Midsummer Night, Paula and Pauline make a choice which couple or single they will help. Pauline can also be reached via Instagram for questions about infertility or for a candid conversation, because not everyone around you can fully understand what an unfulfilled desire for children feels like. We at studio HinH know how you feel and we would love to help you. 

We believe in thinking and giving with your Heart In Hard times :)

Please find below a link to one of the interviews Pauline had regarding her experiences during her years battling infertility


In case you want to apply for a donation or when you have questions or want to talk please never hesitate to contact us